Productive Process


Production Departments

Machines Tools Available

Thanks to a considerable fleet of machines available, our production units can manufacture very quickly any part of a high-pressure die casting tool.
Machine tools available:

– 40 CNC work stations (12 thereof high speed)
– 14 Work-NC CAM stations
– 6 Spark erosion machines
– 1 Wire erosion machine
– 5 Turning centers
-2 Drilling centers (1 deep drilling)
-3 Grinding machines
-3 Mould spotting presses

Aviable Software

  • WORKING R20 ®


Try Outs and pre-series Production

Complete Service

Messrs Universal Stampi is in condition to try out manufactured die casting moulds and/or produce small pre-series on HPDC machines up to 3,500 T closing force.

Machine Tool Aviable

  • IDRA (700, 1000, 1600 Ton)
  • x-ray contro with GILARDONI


Trimming Tools Department

Turnkey Service

In our separate branch, we can count on a company from Universal Stampi’s group, leader in design and manufacture of trimming tools and cutting/sawing equipment.

The complete supply of die casting dies with their own, correspondent trimming tools, performed according to high quality standards, allows Universal Stampi to supply customers with a turnkey service.

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